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Welcome To Southern Greenhouses!

Time lapsed, Luxury Custom Greenhouse in motion



Another Recent Greenhouse designed and built by Southern Greenhouses


 Our most recent Custom Greenhouse


As a versatile greenhouse designer, manufacturer and  builder, we offer a full range of greenhouses from economical and functional, hobby and commercial greenhouses to complete turn-key luxury estate greenhouses and garden rooms, solariums, conservatories, and everything else needed for the avid gardener! Our greenhouses are exquisitely made to outlast many seasonal changes of most climates.

From the hot Texas summers to the cold Northern winters Southern Greenhouses are engineered and structurally sound and made to last. While many greenhouse companies order their structures from China and other manufacturers, Southern Greenhouses build their structures locally and are more than qualified to build a beautifully designed and structurally secure greenhouse for your gardening needs and aesthetic beauty. 

 Structural strength and durability makes our houses one the industry's best. We have built, designed and manufactured greenhouses for over 25 years. Working with several top Greenhouse manufacturers in the U.S., Southern Greenhouse Builders have been supplying gardening pleasure for many satisfied customers. These greenhouses are available in every variety of shapes and sizes, styles and colors, both glass, and polycarbonate.

Please browse our selection of greenhouses to find the one perfect for your growing needs. Don't hesitate to contact one of our gardening experts if you need help on what greenhouses are suitable for where you live, what greenhouse will fit the plants you are growing and what accessories you will need.

See, at Southern Greenhouses we are not just a web-page or a brochure; nor are we a huge impersonal company but a group of fine craftsmen that take great pride in their craft of designing, building and manufacturing greenhouses to suit each clients needs and budget.

 At Southern Greenhouses we are active Horticulturists, Greenhouse Designers, Greenhouse Builders, and Dreamers. We handle all of our own customer service calls and we will sit down with you and help you plan your greenhouse from a simple "Lean-To" to a huge solarium, or a one of a kind Victorian greenhouse with added maintenance and care. We carry a greenhouse to meet any backyard gardener or professional's needs. We will meet you where your gardening adventure begins so please, contact us today.




Ordering is easy!  Just give us a call!

We can discuss what YOUR 

greenhouse will look like!

Phone: 281-381-2435 | Contact Us
Steve Reno (owner) 

18014 Longmoor, Houston, TX 77084

We would love to visit your gardening club or 

master gardener meeting so please give us a call!


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